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Grad school . . . - Bridget's Gazette

About Grad school . . .

Previous Entry Grad school . . . Apr. 28th, 2016 @ 12:32 am Next Entry
My first semester of grad school is almost over. It's hard to believe that is how it is. I have to proofread one paper and then finish another and the semester is done on April 30.

I start my next semester on May 9. Yes, that's the summer semester. I'm taking a class called "special topics in theatre" and I found out that the special topic this time is American Musical.

I'm sure that will be interesting. Two books about musicals were required and then two DVDs of musicals. I know that one was the current "The Sound of Music" that Carrie Underwood (is that the right country singer?) did.

And the other is . . . I can't remember it. I'm going to go look . . .Oh, yeah, Memphis. It says it is the original Broadway production. I don't know anything about that musical.

I've been thinking about all different things I could propose for a job. I'm not being lazy with that at all. I just need to keep thinking and then start doing once I have more ideas.

It is only a couple of weeks now until the dog trainer I hired is scheduled to come to the house, so I told Briana she really needs to keep cleaning up after her dogs.

My poor backyard gate and needing to block the part where the dogs can get out by going under the house . . . it makes it so much nicer when they can go outside by themselves and we don't have to take them out.

The problem is that her dogs would use the bathroom inside, anyway.
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