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Electoral College . . . yeah, I say it is outdated. - Bridget's Gazette

About Electoral College . . . yeah, I say it is outdated.

Previous Entry Electoral College . . . yeah, I say it is outdated. Nov. 10th, 2016 @ 08:49 pm Next Entry
The electoral college was created when people weren't educated enough to understand issues. They NEEDED people that understood these things. These days, people are educated.

I don't care how many people tell me that the electoral college works. It doesn't represent the people. There is the fact that they can change the vote from how they are told to vote with paying a fee. However, they usually vote how they are tod to vote and that's fine, but it isn't representing the people. Don't try to tell me I don't know what I am saying. I know EXACTLY what I am saying. Don't explain to me "how it works." I read about that and I understand it enough to know that the people are NOT represented by what they do.

Say there is a class of 24 people. The class is divided by last names. Last names that begin A-M are Area 1 and last names that begin N-Z are Area 2. It ends up that there are 18 people in Area 1 and 6 people in Area 2. Then, there's "electors" chosen from another small class of 6. Area 1 gets 4 electors and Area 2 gets 2 electors due to "population" size.

To make this not really political, they are voting on if they should have ice cream or cheesecake for a class treat they have earned.

10 people from Area 1 vote for Ice Cream, but 8 people from Area 1 vote for Cheesecake.

All of Area 2 votes for Cheesecake.

Area 1 has electors that are told to vote Ice Cream.

Area 2 has electors that are told to vote Cheesecake.

Because Area 1 has 4 electors, there are 4 votes for Ice Cream.

Because Area 2 has 2 electors, there are 2 votes for Cheesecake.

Since they are using electors, Ice Cream wins.

However, Ice Cream got 10 popular votes and Cheesecake got 14 popular votes.

Cheesecake won the popular vote and the majority of the class probably feels like their votes didn't count.
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