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Previous Entry Too much, too much, too much!!!! Nov. 22nd, 2016 @ 10:11 pm Next Entry
Well, keeping November BUSY has certainly happened, although having it busy AND missing my parents still . . . not exactly what I wanted. All this junk just makes me miss them even more. My Daddy would help me with things with vehicles and my Mama, well, when she was okay, she gave comfort. I can't really say she truly gave much comfort after Briana came back from TLU. She wasn't doing especially well even when Briana tried going there, but she was okay.

Anyway, for me, I have to find a mechanic in Lake Charles that works on Mercedes Benz. I thought things would be okay because I had taken the car to Walmart to have the battery checked and they said it was okay. I knew I needed to get it to a mechanic, but I thought it would be okay for a bit.

However, after trying to start it tonight when Briana and I wanted to go out to just do a bit of something in order to get out of the house and allow Radar to work as she gets hyper if she doesn't work, the car didn't start. I mean, it didn't even rev. A bunch of warning lights came on and then went off.

I've also got to get a junked receipt for the Cobalt. I didn't know about needing to do that because I thought it had been reported to be junked once I gave them the title for them to possess it. However, now Louisiana thinks I have a car that I don't have and that I don't have insurance on it. Of course, I have insurance on the Mercedes.

There's all this and then there are still all the hospital bills that Briana should NOT have to pay because they are not her fault, nor even just her body. They are all because of other people who didn't take responsibility for what they did.

I'm not thrilled with all of this, obviously.
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