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Previous Entry Too much Trump=-olitics!!! Jan. 26th, 2017 @ 03:26 am Next Entry
I never have wanted to be president and many times, I've not thought about many political things, but I have thought of some things that would hopefully be done. With Trump in the White House now, I've thought of so many things because he has already done so many things that seem unconsittional. How can banning the EPA from talking to the federal government possibly be constituational? Isn't that taking away rights?

Whlie Obamacare did not help me in any way and I can't afford health insurance under that, I hate that Trump is trying to take away the fact that people can't be denied health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. If this happens, many of my friend would die. Don't let that happen.

What we need is universal health care (or at least closer to it). I'm not sure what all our taxes go to, but money needs to go to that and the first thing would not be increasing taxes. The first thing is cutting the salaries of the senators and representatives. I'd say that they should not be allowed to make more than four times the cost of living for a four person family in Washington, D.C. That is still A LOT of money. From what I can see, that would give the U.S. $30,000x535, so $16,050,000 more dollars per year! Why not have a co-pay of maybe $20 per doctor visit for regular check-ups and medical issues. Nobody would have to pay more than $20 for a doctor visit. Of course, if the visit is for something elective, that's different. Elective plastic surgery (not needed because of burn injuries or animals bites) would not be covered. Let's even say that a patient would have to pay $1,000 when it comes to a hospital stay for medical reasons, but then it is done - no more. That's it.

Then, there's the issue of alternative energry. We need to cultivate this rather than laying more pipelines. I don't know about how do it all, but hydropower and windpower (complaints about birds and turbines, wouldn't there be a way to make a wind farm within wired fencing that still allowed the winds to blow and keep the birds out?)

Also, Waste Vegetable Oil for cars . . . Briana and I have thought up a whole starting plan on this, but we don't know how everything would work. We do know that the streets would start smelling a lot like French fries.

Of course, funding would have to go to education and to improving roads and imprpoving public transportation in cities that need it.

Then, there's the whole worries of plastic being in landfills. I read that a student somewhere did find a bacteria that eats plastic, so why not concentrate on cultivating that bacteria for landfills and also making recycling more available for people?

I could talk about gay marriage (needs to be legal on the federal level - still let churches and other religious instutions have their own say on it) and service dog law and equality. and probably more . . .but it is late (early?) but I had all of these things on my mind . . . and I REALLY needed to write this.

I know it is no full plan, so go ahead and tear it apart.

Oh, yeah, and the senators and representatives could never vote on increasing their salaries. The plublic would do this, but the public could never vote that salaries go down. The only thing that could possibly happen would be a raise. And, this is not to say that they couldn't make money elsehwere.
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