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30 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Louisiana (Except, Now… - Bridget's Gazette

About 30 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Louisiana (Except, Now…

Previous Entry Feb. 16th, 2017 @ 02:40 pm
30 Things No One Tells You About Leaving Louisiana (Except, Now You've Been Told)

1. When I'm not in Louisiana or Southeast Texas, I'm constantly telling people that I don't live in New Orleans and it is a different culture where I live.

2. Yep, I do that one, too. I ask people to please put periods after the L and the A when they are talking about Los Angeles. I have encountered people on the Internet, even after I tell them that I live in Louisiana, that still act like I live in Los Angeles when they see LA.

3. Well . . . let 'em have fun, plus I don't tend to have a Louisiana accent. Some people say they can hear a bit of one, but I know I basically have General Pronunciation English. I know that I do say some things with an accent, though. I'm not sure I can "place" it other than "some type of Louisiana," though.

4. Yeah . . . this one. There are many, many, many accents . . .

5. I don't care for the taste of alcohol, so thuis one doesn't matter for me.

6. I don't know if they assume that, but I do have to explain.

7. Yeah . . .

8. Sometimes . . .if I'm with Lutherans, not always. Some of them can be bad at it, though. Las Vegas wasn't much for me.

9. I do have to explain that there are things that are typical of a New Orleans Mardi Gras and that is when it happens (there really was somebody expecting all the "boobs and beads" one time when it wasn't Mardi Gras) and then that there are different ways of celebrating Mardi Gras in different parts of the state.

10. I've never been a fan of boudin and I don't know why. I guess it is the flavoring used because sausage and rice sound fine.

11. I'm not an avid football fan, but I'll still cheer for the saints.

12. I don't care for the taste of coffee, but brewing Community coffee smells so good. I love when I smell it at places when I am out.

13. I don't eat seafood, either, as I'm alergic to it . . . not highly, but it makes me sick, and just the smell of boiling crawfish make me extremely sick to my stomach. I know what they mean, though.

14. Yep and then there are places where I'd have no idea how to pronounce those names, so . . .

15. They got this one wrong because it's not "Cher." I'd say it's "shiy" . . . and people spell it "sha," I think . . even though it comes from the French, "cher."

16. Oh, yeah. I still hate roaches, but there are definitely creepy crawly things that I think, "eh," and others think I'm nuts.

17. Yes!

18. I'm sure I would, even if I don't always go out to them . . . just passing by them sometimes is nice.

19. It is nice to find that people relax. There are even businesses where I go and people are working and chatting with others and the customers and it's really nice.

20. Oh, I love those spontaneous, "The weather was nice, so let's do something." It's too bad that I don't know people who really do that now . . . but I knew a family that might do that type of thing at times. But, sometimes we can stop by and ask people and they aren't necessarily eating, but just visiting and having a good time.

21. I see this happen because of Facebook and people who have moved from Louisiana to other places. Of course, now they can be bought online.

22. Yeah, what's a "real winter." I know that I'm not . . . and it's nice not being freezing . . . and yes, it does get below freezing sometimes.

23. I'm more of a red beans and rice girl, though.

24. Okay!

25. Zapp's would be one of those snacks that I would send to YouTubers who try regional foods if I had the money to do such a thing.

26. Even though I'm not thrilled with sitting outside when it is hot or humid and it is bad for my skin, I admit that there are days I have done this.

27. Eh?

28. I love how easy it is to make friends here . . . just start chatting. Do the two of you click? There ya go.

29. Never really thought about having to go find beignets in other places.

30. Yep, I do love coming back here after being gone on a trip.
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